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On Saturday, February 4th, Georgetown Elementary and Southern Delaware School of the Arts Students competed in the first SuperBot Saturday.  Eight teams of students worked all year on engineering, designing and programming their own robots to compete in the VEX IQ game “Crossover.”  Through their respective robotics clubs, students were taught how to collaborate, problem solve, think critically and use the design process to create their own robot, STEM presentation and engineering notebook.    Teams were awarded  for their hard work, with honors going to the following teams: Excellence:  11600 C - Discovery (Georgetown Elementary) Teamwork Champions:  11600E - Endeavor  and 11600D - Atlantis (Both Georgetown Elementary) Robot Skills: 11600 C - Discovery (Georgetown Elementary) Design Award:  11600B -Columbia (Georgetown Elementary) STEM Research Project: 81794 A - Freedom Dragons (SDSA) Judges Award:  81794 B - Dragons and Flags (SDSA)   On March 11th, the teams will be competing again at the Delaware State VEX IQ championship against 14 other teams in hopes to earn a bid to the VEX World Championship in April. 
Posted by Guest  On Mar 01, 2017 at 2:02 PM
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